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Broom manufacturing company AP-PRO

Welcome, we are AP-PRO broom manufacturing. Just say what kind of broom you need, and we wil make it happen.

Company AP-PRO is founded as a small family business. But over the years company stared to grow and we expanded our broom manufacturing capabilities while keeping sure that we never loose on product quality.

Our goal has always been quality first, and good and quality products mean that we will make our customers happy. What kind of broom our customer needs and wants, we will make such broom. No matter if it just one or thousand brooms, we will dedicate time to make sure each one is top quality broom. Sorghum that we use for our brooms is always handpicked from our home grown or one we buy from Vojvodina plains.

Our company makes brooms that are expored into Italy, Germany, Croatia, Slovakia and other European countries and we are always open for new cooperation and we always guarantee quality of our brooms. If you are interested in cooperation you can check our contact details here.

Our products

There you can find selection of our standard broom models

Custom made

If standard broom models don’t fit your need, we are always open for new suggestion how should broom look like based on your specifications

Broom can be adjusted in many ways. No matter if it is broom body weight, length and color of broomstick, number of seams or decoration, any broom part can be made to fit what you as a customer need and what your targeted market needs.

  • Size and weight

    Ideal broom

    Standard broom usually weights from 700g to 1200g, changing weight can improve broom cleaning and handling capability.

    Lighter brooms are most commonly used for cleaning hard to reach and thigh places, while larger brooms are ideal for sweeping large open or closed areas.

  • Handles

    Length and color

    Most common handle type is uncolored broomstick but there is always an option to have broomstick color to any specific color or just have it varnished.

    Some broomsticks come with hanging hole on top of broom stick that is used for easier storage.

  • Seams

    Color and count

    Most common number of seams on broom is from 2 to 8 and is based on broom size and weight.

    Classic broom uses red and blue treads, but if our customers need any other color we can use any other color

  • Decoration

    Based on specification

    Each custom order can use specific decoration on broom if needed where it is made from wire, textile or plastic.

Get in touch

Thank you for taking interest in our company. We would love to hear your opinion.

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